The Mad King

Week 2

Welcome back adventurers!
Apologies for the lateness of this update, but I don’t get much time to do this.

With more people still out due to the plague (I hope this ‘plague’ thing doesn’t become a problem) we went with two adventurers again. Inside the treasure chest in the goblin den, our heroes found some plated armour, some leather greaves and boots to match! BONZA! Exploring more of the tunnels within the den, our heroes crossed a bridge and started to hear a man screaming. They rush (quietly) to find out what is happening and discover that there is a man undergoing goblin torture! Zlatan (who is always ready) threw his trusty daggers and missed. With one of the goblins being made aware of the intrusion, he tells the other torturer. After some back and forth attacks Ander and Zlatan (who is always ready) defeat the goblin jerk bags and help the random stranger to his feet. His name is Wilberforce and he has a friend trapped in the next room!



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