The Mad King

Week 1


Welcome to the page!

We started off our adventure last week with just two heroes since the others were home with a slight case of the plague. With that cleared up we are right to go again tomorrow!

Each week after our adventure, I will be documenting what happened on this page so we can all keep up. With that in mind, here is what happened last week. (And some other generic details)

Year: 1578
Season: Autumn

After an awkwardly quiet three day walk as guards for a trade cart, our two adventurers stopped to eye out some slain horses on the trail up ahead when they were ambushed by goblins! Zlatan (who is always ready) was not ready for this as a goblin leaped at him with it’s scimitar raised and cut him! He was then further injured as another goblin hit him with a crossbow bolt.

It seems Ander Darkwood was much more prepared and reacted by dropping his mace. A fantastic start for our two adventurers! Yet another goblin panicked and leapt at Zlatan only to miss and roll down the hill dazing himself. Zlatan (who is always ready) took advantage of this and swung his quarterstaff straight at the goblins head but unfortunately failed to kill the beast.

The lowly cart driver saw enough of this and decided to pitch in. He clambered down his cart and retrieved a trident from beneath his seat. Taking aim, our new hero Tharün hit the fourth and final goblin straight in the chest!

The dazed goblin who attacked Zlatan (who is always ready) got up and managed to give Zlatan (who is always ready) a grievous wound almost knocking him out. With some healing words from Ander, he survived.

An enraged goblin rampages towards Ander with his scimitar drawn. Ander gripped his holy symbol and sacred flames appeared around the goblin, engulfing it completely, proving too much for the goblin to endure. After retrieving his pitch fork the deceptively fast and powerful cart driver Tharün took care of the last goblin. As this was happening, Ander focussed his healing energies into Zlatan (who is always ready), nearly restoring him to full health.

They finally both inspected the horses only to find a map and 5gp each!

Following the map, Zlatan (who is always ready) and Ander Darkwood followed a hidden (in the open) trail to a mysterious, torch lit cave. With neither of our heroes managing to read Goblin text, they ventured inside.

Up an incline, down a corridor, over a rickety bridge and finally into a room with the goblin ambushers leader. Zlatan (who is always prepared) fires up and kills 4 goblins with the one mighty blast. Ander kills another and our favourite cart driver Tharün manages to surprise everyone by killing the last bodyguard!

Our heroes found a treasure chest and wait to see what’s inside…



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